FELTOM urges UPE to not take advantage of their situation


The Federation of English Language Schools of Malta (FELTOM) has urged the Union of Professional Educators (UPE) to stop trying to take advantage of the unfortunate situation posed by COVID-19 pandemic.

FELTOM said, in a statement issued on Thursday,  that it does not accept the alleged actions of any English Language Schools to not pay teachers wages in any shape, manner or form.

On Tuesday, the Union of Professional Educators (UPE) said it is considering industrial action after English language schools have left teachers unpaid.

The union said that several issues were raised by its members from various English language schools. It said that many have been left stranded with no pay for hours worked in March.

In reply to this statement, FELTOM said that the union should refrain from giving the impression that this is common practice amongst all local ELT schools.

FELTOM has also urged UPE to refrain from being sensational and if it truly has the industry’s well-being and survival at heart it should do its best to channel its efforts constructively towards ensuring all operators in this sector survive these unprecedented times.

The federation said that language schools are being recognised among some of the hardest hit businesses by the COVID-19 pandemic with schools seeing a drop in bookings of 20,000 students.

FELTOM said it has also called on the government to help all struggling schools and process all applications as swiftly as possible as until today no funding has reached any ELT organisation.

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