Feasts and weddings still not recommended, Fearne maintains

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Though the public health emergency may be lifted shortly, village feasts, weddings and other mass events are still not recommended according to Health Minister Chris Fearne.

Fearne was speaking at a press conference in the Qormi health centre, in which he announced the launch of new meningitis vaccines, though the press, as may be expected, focused on the Covid-19 pandemic in their questions.

While the minister defended the government’s progressive removal of Covid-19 related restrictions, stating that this did not lead to an upswing in cases, social distancing remained important – even if the planned limit on groups larger than 75 is to be removed.

People should still keep distances of at least 2 metres, Fearne said, reiterating that events in which huge crowds of people brushed against each other were not advisable.

Church awaiting publication of new directives

In a reaction, the Church in Malta said that the new directives or changes in current legislation implementing the end of a public health emergency as announced by Prime Minister Robert Abela “will be evaluated once they are published.”

“Meanwhile, both dioceses continue to follow the current conditions to be observed in faith-based places of worship and services issued by the Ministry of Health and last updated on the 11th June,” the Curia said.