Fearne woos pensioners over 80s


Pensioners are very much in the target of contenders for the post of leader of the Partit Laburista. After Robert Abela promised that all pensioners will get all medicines free of charge if he was elected Partit Laburista leader, it was the turn of Chris Fearne to woo pensioners.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that persons over 80 years of age will automatically benefit from a reduction in the utility bills without having the need to pass a means test.
Fearne told party supporters in Zejtun that this proposal will carry the value of around €3,200,000. Additionally, more than 14,000 people will benefit from this scheme. He said that this measure is intended to further improve the wellbeing of the elderly.

He claimed that whereas the means test was formerly required to determine one’s eligibility, this proposal will now allow both married and single people who are 80 years or older to benefit from cheaper water and electricity bills.