Fearne is in the race

Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne has posted on Facebook that he intends to run for leader of the Partit Laburista. As with all his colleagues, he expressed his intention on his page, soon after he came up from greeting newly graduated nursing students.

This is a historic moment, wrote Fearne for the country and for the party. “We are at a crossroads and the choices we make in these days will have a determining effect on the future,” wrote Fearne. “I have heard the call,” said Fearne, “and I have heeded it. I have discussed the matter with my family and a considerable number of persons and I decided to submit my name for the leadership race.”

Nailing his political and patriotic colours to the mast Fearne vowed to out the truth and that justice will be done, that the institutions of the country will be run with integrity and independence and that he would be shouldering the responsibility which the country places on his shoulders.

Meanwhile, declarations for support have been pouring in: