Faxex – the story of Lazarus and his family

This year’s passion production by theatrical company Dumnikani Beltin carries the name of Faxex (bandages) which is a direct link towards one of the main characters.

Bandages are used to heal and cover up as well as tighten; sin is linked with the creation of humanity and the way it can bend somebody’s will to act righteously. This metaphor in the use of bandages depicts our struggle and our temptations.

Dumnikani Beltin has been meticulously producing Holy Week theatre productions since 1974. For over 45 years these religious productions have depicted the passion, death and resurrection of Christ, as well as providing an annual gathering of avid theatre goers towards the cultural events related to the Lenten season.

The plot of Faxex revolves around a dear friend to Jesus – Lazarus and his family. This year, scriptwriter Etienne Micallef has once again taken care of the script. The drama production evokes the emotional events of Good Friday and the Resurrection, the most important events of Christianity within the side lines of Jesus’ mysterious life.

There will be three shows on the following dates: Monday 15th April at 7.15 pm, Wednesday 17th April at 7.15 pm and Friday 19th April (Good Friday) at 9.30 am.

All shows will be held at St Dominic’s Hall, Merchant Street, Valletta. Tickets can be purchased by contacting Mr Joe Zammit (99451909).