Fast ferry service to remain suspended until Court of Appeals decision

The fast ferry service between the islands of Malta and Gozo will remain suspended until the issue is resolved by the Appeals Courts after the Courts did not rule in favour of Virtu Ferries to freeze the terms of the existing contract between Gozo Channel and Islands Ferry Network Ltd (IFN).

Virtu Ferries contested the Gozo Channel choice as IFN is un-experienced in the sector, does not have technical or financial facilities to carry out the service. IFN is also not certified to offer a fast ferry service.

The Court questioned why Gozo Channel had contracted a newly established company without any experience in the fast ferry sector when Gozo Channel was asking for an experienced contractor.

Last year, Gozo Channel Committee had decided that Virtu Ferries had the most competitive offer. The Sunday Times had reported how the Office of the Prime Minister had stopped action on this first decision and made another contracting call. In April of 2018 Gozo Channel had chosen IFN to cater for its fast ferry service.

Islands Ferry Network has been set up in April of 2018 and is owned by Magro Brothers and Fortina owners.