Farrugias urge PN MPs to go to the President immediately

The two independent opposition MPs – Godfrey Farrugia and Marlene Farrugia – have called on their PN colleagues who voted against PN leader Adrian Delia in a no-confidence vote to immediately go to the President so that a new Leader of the Opposition may be appointed.

In a joint statement, the 2 MPs said that Malta required a strong opposition more than ever before, in the face of a government wracked by corruption and scandals.

Jekk qatt Pajjizna kellu bzonn Oppozizzjoni b’ sahhitha, ta’ min jafdaha, u bi tmexxija kredibbli, huwa bhalissa.Dan…

Posted by Marlene Farrugia on Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Though they emphasised that they had no personal antipathy towards Delia and wished him well, they made it clear that they had no faith in him as a political leader.

“We have made this clear from the outset, as it was immediately apparent that Delia lacked the credentials and the freedom to fight the corrupt mob that lies in government, and that the electorate could never believe that he could provide a better alternative,” the two MPs said.

Consequently, as opposition MPs, they declared themselves united with the 19 members of the PN parliamentary group who voted against Delia, and invited them to meet the President without delay.

“So that Malta can have an Opposition Leader that inspires confidence and trust, that is able to lead an effective and valued Opposition, and that can provide an alternative clean governance when the time comes,” they declared.