Farmers to be offered free professional advice

Farmers will benefit from a new service offering advice and professional consultancy on different aspects when it comes to agriculture.

The Agriculture Ministry launched AgriConnect on Tuesday.

The unit is located within the Agricultural Directorate and its services have been recognised at a European level. AgriConnect has obtained registration to operate as a Farm Advisory Service ensuring that proper compliance is attained by farmers and livestock breeders.

Addressing the press conference on Tuesday, Agriculture Minister Anton Refalo expressed his satisfaction. He maintained that the new service would continue to help farmers be successful not only from a local perspective but would also be supported through a European Framework.

The services offered are aimed at supporting farmers in achieving all the necessary compliance and technical requirements to access different types of funding and advisory support which can help them tap into diversification opportunities, produce higher quality and/or innovative products and farming techniques, and to plan and structure their farming business effectively in every aspect.

With regard to the Common Agricultural Policy, farmers are going to be assisted to identify issues and provide guidelines on Cross Compliance (CC) and Agri-Environment Climate Measures (AECMs). AgriConnect is also planning on offering advice with regard to Rural Development Measures (RDMs) in the near future.

Malcolm Borg – Għaqa Bdiewa Attivi

AgriConnect which is completely free, will see qualified experts deliver the service.