Farmers suffer the brunt of lack of waste management plans – Delia

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Farmers are suffering the brunt of lack of waste management plans, Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia said on Sunday.

Speaking at a party activity organized in Gozo, Delia claimed that the government has sworn destruction to the farming industry in Malta. He recalled how Finance Minister Edward Scicluna had said that farming did not contribute to the country’s economy. Delia mentioned the destruction of the Sant’Antnin waste plant and how nothing was done to replace it. He added that maybe nothing was done after the incident because of other reasons implying it had to do with the current proposed expansion plans of the facility at Magħtab.

On Saturday, farmers whose livelihoods depend on fields in the Magħtab held a protest on Saturday morning with the aim to safeguard their fields from a proposed Wasteserv expansion project.

On Friday, farmers and residents filed two separate judicial protests against the planned expansion of the facility.

Delia also spoke about the hospitals’ privatisation deal and asked who will shoulder political responsibility. He reminded that as an Opposition they had already offered the government to work together if the government had to annul the contract by which the concession was awarded.

The Opposition Leader reminded how despite promises of work to be carried out on the three hospitals once they were passed on to the private operator, none of the promises were kept. Reading out from the contract, Delia invited any Gozitans to confirm whether any of the work had been carried out at the Gozo General Hospital.

He asked who shall shoulder political responsibility for the pre-arranged deal, for awarding the deal and for keeping the deal in place. “They did not deliver on the promises made in the contract,” he told party supporters gathered.

The Nationalist leader said that until the deal is kept in place, taxpayers’ money will continue to fund a failed deal.

He also spoke about the “criminal” behaviour which has extended to the Police Force. Delia explained that “we’re reaping what we sowed, after so many changes in the Police Commissioner”. He also referred the reinstatement of police officers with a criminal record. While thanking those officers who did their job, Delia said that the government is responsible for the current situation.