Farmers, residents, file judicial protest against planned Magħtab expansion

Twenty-five farmers whose livelihoods depend on fields in the Magħtab area have filed a judicial protest before the First Hall of the Civil Court. The farmers aim at safeguarding their fields from a proposed Wasteserv expansion project.

In a judicial protest filed by lawyers Franco Debono, Amadeus Cachia and Claire Bonello, the farmers are arguing that there is a threat that the government would seize their fields after the publication of a legal notice advising that around 226 tumoli of fields would be needed to expand the site.

This, they argued, would breach their property and human rights. The protest also states that the current facilities are not in conformity with the alw.

The controversial expansion project has already sparked anger among non-governmental organisations active in the agricultural and environmental fields, condemning it as “an obscenity”. Agricultural and natural land in Magħtab will be expropriated to make way for an expansion of the nearby landfill.

The judicial protest was filed against Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia and Wasteserv Malta, and holds the authorities responsible in damages if the plan goes ahead.

Lawyers Franco Debono, Amadeus Cachia and Claire Bonello signed the protest on behalf of the farmers.

A separate judicial protest was filed by a number of residents and property owners against the planned expansion.

The 19 plaintiffs, represented by lawyer Marco Ciliberti, also warned the government off any attempt at forcibly taking their immovable property to make space for the project.