Family Ministry explains missing Children’s Allowance

The Family Ministry has explained in a statement that, if one hasn’t yet received their December Children’s Allowance, then one needs to fill in and submit the necessary verification documents to the Social Security Department.

The statement elaborated on the fact that, since the Department has not been sending an application annually for the beneficiaries to fill in for the last three years, and since payments are being directly transferred into bank accounts, it was felt as necessary for documents to be sent with updated information to ensure that payments are going to eligible people.

The Department added that, after the document is submitted, the allowance will continue to be handed out with no reduction or further interruption.

People who have not received the document, or misplaced it, can fill in the online application or visit any of the Social Security offices around Malta and Gozo. The Department insisted that it is in all beneficiaries’ best interests to inform it of any changes in circumstance.

For more information, called 153.