False testimony “To safeguard his life”: 16 months imprisonment

64-year-old Generoso Sammut was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment forfalsely testifying in front of Judge Anthony Ellul in October of 2013 in a case related to oil trading. When faced with these accusations in court, Sammut claimed he denied he knew one of the Fenech siblings as he feared put his life at riskas one of the Fenech siblings was a victim of an attempted murder.

Millions of euros were involved in the case, and Sammut was convicted for claiminghe did not know Michael and Alfred Fenechin his testimonywhilein an affidavit in a separate case, he said he hadknown the Fenech brothers for 35 years. When he was questioned on the aforementioned, Sammut said he did not want to have anything to do with the case.

The court, preceded by magistrate Neville Camilleri concluded that Sammut is guilty of giving false testimony.