Faith becomes a true experience when in action – Bishop Teuma

Faith becomes a true experience when in action, the Bishop of Gozo Anton Teuma said during a homily delivered on New Year’s Day.

He explained that love is action and when faith is put in action it becomes a true experience. Otherwise, Jesus’ teachings remain a mere theory which are not put into action and which would not bring about change.

“Jesus became man to bring about change and save mankind,” Bishop Teuma reminded the faithful.

Bishop Teuma reflected on the mystery of Christmas and Mary’s maternity. He urged the faithful to imagine this woman welcoming a child whom she treats as the Son of God. He asked what does it take to do something like this?

“Humility,” Bishop Teuma said as he referred to Pope Francis’ Christmas message in which he spoke about humility.

He highlighted the importance of bringing Jesus to our time.

“When you love a weak person, you realize that you are not their saviour but that thy are yours. A weak person makes you merciful, opens your heart, and makes you change,” Bishop Teuma said.

Through such experience, one can become a shepherd and praise God. He underlined that faith does not belong only to the realm of the mind and heart but it is something which is put into practice.

“How do you know if a person truly loves you or not? How do you know if you truly love a person or not? Do you measure it through Facebook messages or likes? Or through the never-ending messages? These are all fantasies. How do you know if a person loves you? Am directing this to those who feel caught between two loves. Who loves you most? Not the person who is all talk but the person who does something for you,” Bishop Teuma said.

The Mass was celebrated at St George’s Basilica in Gozo.