‘Fairly positive’ meeting between Delia and mediator Gonzi

Sources have described a meeting held between current PN Leader Adrian Delia and former PN leader Lawrence Gonzi as fairly positive’. Gonzi is mediating in the current uneasy situation among the PN parliamentary group, and the sources who spoke to Newsbook.com.mt said that the meeting was quite lengthy and ended on a cautiously  optimistic note with an outlook to a possible détente. The same sources said that both sides expressed a strong desire to reach an agreement and that all parties should limit their public statements to increase the possibility that the meetings between the parties bear fruit.

The Delia-Gonzi meeting centred around the the current crisis in the PN which erupted after Delia requested former leader Simon Busuttil to suspend himself from the parliamentary group following the revelations in the Bugeja Report on the Egrant magisterial inquiry. Busuttil refused.

The same sources told Newsbook.com.mt that the interview given by Delia to The Malta Independent was ‘surprising’ and ‘in contrast to what had been discussed in the meeting’ but they cautioned that the interview may have been recorded before the meeting. They also pointed out that there was a marked difference in the reportage of the interview, with The Malta Independent using a more uncompromising tone and In-Nazzjon a more conciliatory note.

Latest: A different source, whilst confirming the meeting said that this took place before the TMID recording.

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