FAA condemns Santa Lucia roundabout tree removal


A number of mature trees along a kilometre’s stretch of land will be cut down in order for the Santa Luċija roundabout to be built, according to Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar, FAA.

In a press release, the FAA stated that agricultural land will also be destroyed so that the street is widened, while the road will still not cater for pedestrians and cyclists. The group said that this decision is not sustainable. It referred to the National Strategy for Transport 2050, which states that the increase in cars without the ability to meet the demands is the cause of an increase in congestion. According to this strategy, this project is not sustainable.

30% reduction in time travel

In a separate press release, the Ministry for Transport said that it welcomes the Planning Authority’s decision to approve Infrastructure Malta’s project towards building two tunnels under the Santa Luċija roundabout. The Ministry said that the project will result in a 30% reduction in traveling time for thousands of people who travel to and from the south of the country.

Precautionary Measures

The Ministry added that Infrastructure Malta was asked to implement precautionary measures to ensure that during the execution of the project, the surrounding environment is fully safeguarded.

According to the Ministry, “measures safeguarding the area’s residents and others protecting natural heritage were requested.”

“Following the approval of the necessary development permits for this project, Infrastructure Malta is expected to begin the necessary works in Triq tal-Barrani and Vjal Santa Luċija before the end of this year” said the Ministry.

The Ministry also explained that the project will include the developments, changes and improvements in water, electrical and telecommunication distribution service.