Extreme weather damages; €293.5m for EU states

Wind of Change

The European Union’s Budgets Committee has today passed the granting of €293.5 million from the EU Solidarity Fund to support the Austria, Italy and Romania after extreme weather experienced by them in 2018.

According to the breakdown of funds, Italy will receive €277.2 million to support recovery efforts following the floods and landslides which hit the country last year. Austria is expected to receive €8.1 million following extreme meteorological events and Romania is expected to receive €8.2 million to rehabilitate its North Eastern Region which suffered summer floods.

The Committee is also understood to have voted 31 votes in favour for a further €100 million investment in the Horizon 2020 project, one of the EU’s flagship programmes. This means that €80 million will go towards research funding and €20 million towards youth mobility (Erasmus +).

These draft reports are now set to go to the European Parliament between September 16 and 19th at the Plenary Session in Strasbourg.