Extraordinary debut novel by retired soldier Leon Zawadzki published by Faraxa

“And finally, my autobiography Son of a Reluctant Immigrant is now in production. It covers quite a bit on my time in the early sixties while stationed in Malta and to a certain extent covers quite a controversial period in the history of the islands and what some soldiers got up to. I hope it will be an eye-opener for many”

This is what Faraxa’s newest author Leon Zawadzki excitedly announced on his social media channels just days after his first book was published. Just weeks later he shared: “Yesterday I received a letter from HRH Duke of Edinburgh, stating that the copy of the book I had sent him, is now part of his private collection. So now every time I see images of Buckingham Palace, my mind will be racing all over the place, guessing just where is my book is located.”

Leon, a retired soldier, arrives on the literary scene with a fully-fledged, original voice that’s wry, watchful and wise. Above all, like each and every one of us, he has a story to tell yet, unlike so many of us, he has the courage and determination to share it unapologetically and with an authentic heart. During his writings and international experiences, he realises that no matter what life presents his identity as an immigrant will never leave him. Newsbook.com.mt’s Coryse Borg sat down with Leon for a very candid and heartfelt interview.

Watch: “The Duke of Edinburgh calls me Fred because he can’t pronounce my surname!”

“It is an honour and a privilege to add ‘Son of a Reluctant Immigrant’ to our collection of Faraxa Titles. Since the inception of Faraxa Publishing, our goal has been to make sure that each book we publish, no matter the target audience, has a purpose which is aligned with our mission to inspire, empower and motivate readers to step into their brilliance and live their dreams. This book ticks all the boxes,” Joanne Micallef, Founder and CEO of Faraxxa Publishing states.

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Son of a Reluctant Immigrant is available in paperback and has been published during Summer 2019 by Faraxa Publishing.