Extension of scheme supporting investment in solar farms

Minister for Energy and Water Management, Joe Mizzi announced the continuation of the scheme which supports investment in renewable energy in the form of solar farms, bigger than 1 megawatt.

This follows the launch of Solar Farm Policy in October last year, when there were 13 bids, with three of the offers being allocated with slightly less than 15 megawatts in total.

The Minister said that the government has extended grants to families who have chosen to invest in this sector and benefit from cheaper electricity bills. Help was also provided in the form of feed-in tariffs, guaranteed for 20 years for the commercial and industrial sector to incentivize electricity generation from solar panel systems.

In this way, the government continues to ensure that help is provided in the most transparent and effective way, and in line with the rules of the State Aid of the European Union. In fact, the fees allocated ranged from 12.8c and 13.3c per kilowatt-hour exported to the grid.

“This, along with other measures in this area would mean that renewable sources will account for 10 percent of the energy consumed locally,” said the Minister.