Expulsion of Mizzi only a first step – Repubblika

Miguela Xuereb

The expulsion of Konrad Mizzi from the Labour Party was but a step on a “long and tough path to truth and justice,” according to civil society NGO Repubblika.

In a statement, the NGO said that after years of being threatened and ridiculed, it welcomed that Malta was beginning to become aware of what it had pointed out all along: that a mafia had taken over.

But it added that it was important to remain vigilant, warning that “the ecosystem of impunity and corruption that pervaded and dominates our country is much larger than Konrad Mizzi.”

Though Repubblika stressed its belief that Mizzi had contributed to corruption and had to answer for his actions, it also believed that he was “only one sign of the illness that is strangling Malta.”

Malta must examine ‘destructive’ ties between politics and business

The NGO said that Malta needed to find the courage to examine why its institutions became paralysed when confronted with those who have political or financial power, to expose the “destructive, interdependent and incestuous relationship” between politics and businesses and to acknowledge the overt and subtle manipulation of the media by those in power

“Konrad Mizzi did what he did also because Joseph Muscat, Keith Schembri, Nexia BT and police officials did not fulfil their duties, because state institutions were taken over, businessmen were ready to corrupt and be corrupted, citizens remained silent as long as they benefitted from the situation, constituted bodies were driven by fear and by sectorial interest, sections of the media chose to look the other way, and an incompetent political class was either corrupted, or only looked as far as the voting box,” Repubblika maintained.

It added that honesty concerning all of this was needed to bring Malta back out of the abyss it had been plunged into.

The NGO also reiterated its demand for a joint inquiry between Europol and the Malta Police Force into the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia and into the corruption that caused her murder.

“The Attorney General has to stop presenting excuses. It is in his power and his responsibility to take this step and he does not need anyone to pull the strings for him to do his duty,” it said.