Exploring animals’ connection with music

On Friday 22nd February between 6.30 and 8.00pm, the National Museum of Natural History in Mdina is inviting the general public to explore the shared musical heritage of humans and animals.

This is the second session of a series of informal public meetings presenting various themes related to the natural environment.

The event will include an original documentary (in English) produced by the BBC in 2000, ‘The Song of the Earth – A Natural History of Music with David Attenborough‘. This documentary features animal songs and provides insight into their connection with human music.

Some birds produce sounds that are music to our ears, such as the skylark, which melodious sounds we label as song. Therefore, it is quite natural to wonder whether there is a connection between animal sounds and the music that humans create. The deepest mystery of all is – what purpose does music serve? Famed naturalist Sir David Attenborough examines various exotic members of the animal kingdom for clues to this fascinating puzzle.

The documentary will be followed by a discussion on the subject accompanied by some wine and nibbles. Entrance is free, however, donations for the upkeep of the museum will be appreciated.

The next meeting will focus on natural aliens and pests in the Maltese Islands. An original 30-minute documentary will be screened for the first time.

For more information, visit Heritage Malta’s website.