Expected storms keep us on edge

David Dimech

Whether you assumed that the rain would be a relief from the intense heat that has taken over European countries the past month, or you if thought that you would find yourself swimming in your garage before the feast of Santa Marija this year, the weather forecast seems to indicate a break from the open skies after this weekend has passed.

With the famous ‘Għerejjex’, being welcomed earlier than usual this year, the thunderstorms that have taken everyone by surprise have not got in the way of the feasts being celebrated the past week.

Gozitan farmer Gejtu’s forecast for August was totally off course with his prediction of heatwaves to take over the Maltese islands in a past article, last July. In fact, Għadira Bay suffered extensive damage following the floods on Sunday.

Despite the unexpected showers, the temperature has not given us a break and by the end of the week, it will reach into highs of 30°C. Even with tomorrow’s chance of a thunderstorm, the minimum temperature is only expected to decrease to 24.0°C during the coming week.

Summer storms usually occur as a result of prolonged high temperatures on the surface of the sea. It is not unusual for Malta to experience these short, heavy rainfalls this time of year, but they always seem to take us by surprise.