Exhibition of students’ artisanal works

The Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses is once again holding an exhibition with artisanal works, this time featuring the work of nine students from the Maria Regina Learning Support Centre in Naxxar.

The products exhibited are all made by these students under the tuition of their educators and professionals from different sectors. It features works made of ganutell, glass paintings, homemade beauty products lace pieces, sea-themed paintings, textiles and traditional Maltese pastries.

DOI / Pierre Sammut

The Learning Support Centre in Naxxar offers individualised programmes for learners with namely social, emotional and behavioural difficulties together with other challenges. The Centre aims to provide the students with alternative educational provisions and programmes, that build on their coping skills to wholly reintegrate in a school environment in the mainstream. Learners receive a balanced curriculum of both core and vocational subjects.

The Manager of the Learning Support Centre, Audrey Attard said “Participation in this event has offered a good stimulus to our learners to exhibit their strengths and talents through different skills whilst offering great satisfaction to the professionals involved in this project. Transmission of these artisan skills could provide our learners with the possibility and the opportunity to pursue this knowledge as a career path.”

DOI / Pierre Sammut

All students were given a certificate to make their participation by Minister Chris Cardona. Whilst congratulating them for their evident skills and craftsmanship, Minister Cardona encouraged the students to continue building on their creativity and confidence:  “Being creative and imaginative helps all of us to be more resourceful and resilient. Our creative industry and especially our artisanal economy, need shining stars like yourselves.”

This exhibition is held in collaboration with the Commerce Department and Heritage Malta. It is housed in the Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses in Valletta and will be open throughout the weeks of December.