Exclusive: Newsbook publishes the gift register

Government admits that there was an inventory

Newsbook.com.mt is publishing in its entirety the gift register dated 8th March 2013 which gives detailed information of the gifts received by Prime Ministers in the PN administrations. It also indicates clearly where each of these gifts was placed. As was reported yesterday by Newsbook.com.mt, the register gives also details of who presented the gifts. The register is dated on the eve of the 2013 election.

In a statement issued by the government Monday evening, it was declared that “it is not true that government found a register of gifts in 2013” while later on in the same statement the government refers to an inventory of gifts “from dignitaries who gave the gifts to the state”. The statement seems to be going to some pains to try to conjure a difference between the register and the inventory where no such difference exists.

In the statement, the government said that it had never had a handing over of such registers. Newsbook.com.mt not only confirms the existence of such registers but is publishing them forthwith. This register, or inventory as the government is wont to call it, is in the hands of OPM officials.

Newsbook.com.mt’s sources confirmed once more that the policy in the PN administrations had been for official gifts to go, preferably to the President of the Republic and not to the Prime Minister with minor exceptions such as books and framed photographs of limited value. When a gift exceeded a certain value, it went straight to the inventory

The register in full

The Statement by Government