Exclusive: Interview with Oscar-nominated film Director Evgeny Afineevsky

Evgeny Afineevsky, award winning film director, in an exclusive interview with Newsbook.com.mt, described how his films change him and how his films help other people bring change around them. During the interview Afineevsky discusses his film Fire in Winter with Fr Joe Borg. The film was part produced by Netflix.

The New York Times described the film as one which captures the idealism and bravery of the Ukrainians who gathered in Maidan Square to protest Mr. Yanukovych’s turn away from the European Union.

“I witnessed a lot of unity”

Afineevsky told Newsbook.com.mt that during the protests he witnessed a lot of unity between people of different religions. He said that he never saw so much unity before. The Russian born film director said that he tries to document what the people were passing through during this difficult period in Ukrainian history.

This award winning film inspired and encouraged the anti-Government protests held in Caracas, Venezuela in June 2017.

Afineesvky won his first award – First Prize for Best Documentary – when he was still a teenager in Russia. This was followed by a string of important awards for most of his films and documentaries. Fire in Winter won the People’s Choice Award in the Toronto International Film Festival. It was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature and the Primetime Emmy Award in the Exceptional Merit in Documentary Filmmaking Category.

Coming soon

The subject of the second interview is Afineesvsky film Cries from Syria. The third part of the interview will be about the film that Afineevsky is producing right now about Pope Francis. Part two and part three of the interview will be available on Newsbook.com.mt in the coming days.