Exclusive: almost 79% of Labour MPs so far support Fearne

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Newsbook.com.mt is reliably informed that so far 26 MPs, both in the cabinet and out of the cabinet, have declared, publicly or privately their support of Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne’s bid for the leadership. This is two-thirds of the number of Labour MPs in Parliament. The names of those who support Fearne, so far, are as follows:

The Ayes:

the Non-Committals:

Both Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Commissioner Helena Dalli have been left out of this list, though technically, they both still have a vote. This means that 18 out of the 22 persons in cabinet (excluding Muscat and Fearne) are in favour of Fearne. This means that if one looks at the cabinet of ministers and parliamentary secretaries only, the support level goes to 78%