Everyone needs to do his part and protect each other – President Vella

DOI - Kevin Abela

The President of Malta appealed for everyone to follow the rules and instructions being issued regularly by the authorities so that the country can overcome the current challenges with the least possible complications. He said that while there is no need to enter into a panic mode, everyone needs to be disciplined and follow the directions even these require a number of sacrifices from everyone. 

President Vella was being interviewed by Jesmond Saliba and Fr Joe Borg during Thursday’s Newsbook hour on 103 Radio and Newsbook.com.mt

He said that everyone needs to do his part, so as we can protect each other and the health of the community as a country. 

He said that Malta’s preparedness is very much of the level of what took place in some of the best countries around the world. 

Dr Vella, a doctor by profession, said that this is a moment which we all have to go through, but it is a definit period. The more we follow the various instructions being given, the less things can get complicated both for the health of the public and also for the economy. 

President Vella thanked all the professional and technical people who worked hard to prepare all those who are working and deal with the situation .

He appealed to the Maltese to follow every professional advise and be disciplined. We have to do this in the interest of the community, otherwise things can get complicated.

When asked whether the CoVid-19 affected his life as a President, Dr Vella said that there was no need to cancel any official event from his end, as most of them (around 90%) were being cancelled and postponed by the organisers. 

His final appeal was a reminder that technically the virus is spread from one person to another, if there is contact and one is within a particular distance. The more we follow the professional advise and abide by the instructions, the more the effect can be mitigated. 

We can’t just think about ourselves, but we have to be a civilised country, living as a community and act responsibly towards everyone. 

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