“Everybody gossips on everybody”- Herrera

Whilst replying to a number of parliamentary questions, Environment Minister Josè Herrera defended his decision to suspend the Department of Fisheries director Andreina Fenech Farrugia by stating that if the Government had to believe allegations, then everyone will get laid off because he believes that “everybody gossips on everybody”.

The Minister explained that there is a magisterial inquest , with Interpol and the Spanish authorities investigations that are also attached to this case.  He also informed the Chamber that the department of Fisheries director had been suspended, that Magistrate Gabriella Vella is leading a magisterial inquest, and that the Commissioner of Police has been informed on the case.

Partit Nazzjonalista MP Edwin Vassallo commented that this a typical case showcasing how the Government goes out strong against the minion and lays weak against “a Minister and Chief of Staff”.

From her end, Partit Demokratiku MP Marlene Farrugia, said that our country is getting another nail on its coffin as now we are not just laundering money but also tuna.