“Every Life is Precious” say 670 pro-life doctors

Almost seven hundred doctors in Malta took a stand in favour of life, asserting that “Every human life is precious.” This is the stand was taken as these doctors chose to declare their position in favour of life.

In a statement, Doctors for Life said that it “…seeks to inform opinion regarding the scientific facts related to preborn children, to ensure that their dignity and rights are respected”. The declaration which has been formulated has been endorsed by 670 doctors so far, “…the majority of whom wanted to take a public stand to express their conviction by making their identities known.”

Doctors for Life said that it is motivated by the sound scientific knowledge that fertilisation marks the beginning of a new human life, with a complete and unique genetic identity, and therefore affirms that every human life should be given the opportunity to develop. Nevertheless, the group acknowledged that certain uncommon situations may require medical interventions to save the mother’s life, which may result in the undesired loss of the child.

No life is worth more than another

“United against discrimination Doctors for Life is motivated by a conviction in the inalienable dignity of every human life, thus rejecting the arbitrary notion that some humans are more valuable than others” said the pro-life group.   In so doing, Doctors for Life rejects all forms of discrimination against the preborn, whether on the basis of gender, gestational age or disability. “United in the defence of both the mother and the child Doctors for Life is advocating for the optimal care of both mother and child, convinced that both are worthy of dignity and respect” said the group.

Not just theory but a mission for life

Doctors for Life do not see this as a theoretical concept, but a practical mission, which doctors live through their everyday struggles at clinics, hospitals, or at the scene of an accident. “In these situations, doctors and professionals strive with all their energy, dedication and knowledge to save and protect human life. United in their conviction that every human life is precious Doctors for Life states that doctors know all too well the frustration and sadness of losing patients despite their best efforts” concluded Doctors for Life.