#Everdayheroes: Finalists in a competition where all are winners

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

We at Newsbook.com.mt believe that all those nominated for the ‘competition’ #Everydayheroes are winners, and we are winners with them, as well. But three finalists had to be chosen out of the 100 nominated and one of them had to be declared the winner. We tried to choose people from different categories.

WPC Melanie Penza, the 8 year-old Zack Silvio and Dr Andee Agius are the three finalists and out of these three finalists, WPC Melanie Penza has been declared the ‘winner’. As a small token of appreciation, the 3 finalists will be awarded a gift voucher generously provided by AX Hotels.

All those nominated are ‘winners’ as all have done their best in different areas. The common good is not served only by extraordinary contributions. It is also served by efforts, large and small, done with a great sense of service. The collective contribution of those nominated and hundreds other who were not nominated, helped the country to weather the stages of the pandemic reached so far. 

So, in reality all are winners in our hearts, just that some have risen to more prominence than others. Started in mid-May, this campaign gathered great momentum and sifting through the numbers was a difficult task. 

The Winner

WPC Melanie Penza, nominated by two different people, pipped the winning post since not only did she do her duty under difficult circumstances, but she also used her spare time to help those who were housebound. Ms Penza was controlling quarantine in hotels, not an easy task since those in hotels would need some strong persuasion not to go out and have some fun. In her nomination, Ms Penza was praised for delivering shopping to people who were housebound and also for giving out free masks. 

The finalists

Of the three finalists, Zack Silvio was the youngest. This eight-year old soldiered on doing his work, school work in this case, and light house chores including care of the family cats, without complaining. Zack did not throw tantrums or seek attention because as both his parents were frontliners, he felt this was his duty. 

Another nominee, Dr Andee Aguis graduated as a midwife, then got her Masters and then continued studying and graduated as a medical doctor. She received hundreds of comments, some of whom were former patients of hers who praised her hard work and kindness.

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