Even politicians are unhappy about the road-widening project

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The Democratic Party (PD) and the Democratic Alternative (AD) have once again expressed their worries concerning the Central Link project, as Attard residents and Maltese cyclists are formally opposing the project.

During a press conference in Attard, the AD Chairperson Carmel Cacopardo explained that an objection will be presented to the Planning Authority (PA).

Cacopardo said that the proposal goes against the local plan, due to the fact that the local plan details ‘local road’, not main road or bypass that is being proposed. He went on to say that this proposal goes against the Strategic Plan for the Environment & Development (SPED) which dictates that there needs to be better integration of public transport rather than the development of new roads.

The project has been proposed with a lack of foresight– AREN

The Attard Residents Environmental Network (AREN) addressed the conjoint conference to also bring forward their objection to the PA. They said that the project was not properly planned, and that it will lead to the largest environment disaster possible.

Dangerous for cyclists – BAG

The Bicycle Advocacy Group (BAG) said that the bicycle lanes are not finished, and thus they are not safe enough to be used by ciclists.

Despite the fact that Infrastructure Malta submitted a fresh set of plans in July to the PA, the lack of consideration for cyclists persisted. Due to the lack of communication from the authorities’ side, BAG felt they had to move on with the objection.

This sort of project is what’s needed – PD

The PD said that there is general consensus that a project of this sort is needed. This is to lessen congestion in Attard. However, they maintained that the project takes a different shape to what Infrastructure Malta is proposing.  According to PD, a 4-lane flyover is needed.

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