Eurovision 2019 opening final details revealed

The 2019 Eurovision opening will feature former Israeli Eurovision singers Netta (Israel 2018/Eurovision winner), Nadav Guedj (Israel 2015), Dana International (Israel 1998, 2011) and Ilanit (Israel 1973, 1977).

This was confirmed by 2019 Eurovision host broadcaster KAN.

Netta will welcome the audience and the participants of the 2019 ESC with what is being called “the aeroplane ride of their life”, which will land directly into the Flag Parade. The music will begin with Im Ninalu – a Jewish-Yemenite poem historically sung in traditional celebrations.

Dana International will then open the stage with a tribute to Tel Aviv aka Omer Adam‘s mega hit ‘Tel Aviv‘ and her 1998 Eurovision winning entry Diva.

This will be followed by Israel’s first participant in the ESC, Ilanit who will sing an excerpt from her 1973 song Ey Sham followed by Nadav Guedj (Israel 2015) who will sing an excerpt from his song Golden Boy (Let me show you Tel Aviv).

Between these songs, the delegations flag parade will take place. After being introduced, each country will be welcomed in its own language and the LED screens will feature the country name and the word ‘Welcome’.

The 2019 Eurovision Song Contest is set to take place on the 14th, 16th and 18th May at the Expo Tel Aviv in Tel Aviv, Israel.