Europol called in after mother abducts child

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Police has sought Europol’s assistance after a mother abducted her daughter to another European country.

In a statement on Thursday evening, the Social Solidarity Ministry clarified the situation on a girl who was under a protection order and who was allegedly abducted by her mother from Malta.

The girl who is still a minor, used to live with a foster family. Her mother had unsupervised access to her daughter for some hours on Saturday and Sunday. The access was given by the board after hearing that the child wanted to spend more time with her mother.

The Ministry explained that this was part of a reintegration plan. However, the foster family informed the Alternative Care Directorate that the mother had failed to return the girl to the foster family’s home on 12 October.

Social workers went to the mother’s house where they found the door sealed off. A police report was subsequently filed. The directorate was then informed that the woman was located in another European country.

The Children’s Directorate found that the girl had been allowed to leave the country illegally. The police sought Europol’s assistance.

The ministry said that the Children’s Directorate is in constant communication with the relevant authorities, police and the foster family.