European Worker’s safety net must be updated – Casa

The European Global Adjustment Fund needs to be updated and ready, ‘to cater for today’s reality as well as future needs’, MEP David Casa has said.

Speaking during the plenary session, the MEP explained that the EGF service, which provides workers with a safety net in the event of redundancy or job seeking, needed to be expanded to ensure as many workers as possible are supported.

One aspect that he believes should be pursued is revising the threshold of those eligible for support down, from companies with 500 employees to 250.

He explained that the service was an essential tool for workers in Malta, ‘whereby displaced workers are provided with proper profiling, occupational guidance, training, entrepreneurial start-ups as well as redeployment.’

He added, ‘We must ensure that the positive ramifications of the EGF continue to be felt by workers and their ever-changing needs in today’s society.’