European Commission should strengthen oversight of EU law – ECA

Under the new Panoramic Analysis issued by the European Court of Auditors (ECA), there are opportunities for the European Commission to further strengthen supervision of the way EU law is applied in the Member States.

The analysis examines the surveillance activities carried out by the Commission and identifies challenges and opportunities for the future. It also underlines the need for transparency, accountability and audit in the application of EU law.

Through the Treaty on the European Union, the European Commission has a duty to monitor the application of EU law by member states. The surveillance activities focus on the risk management of potential violations of EU law by member states.

There are various factors which influence the risk of violation and challenges for monitoring the application of EU law. These include the complexity of several legal instruments and the availability of EU funds and legislative arrangements, as well as surveillance by the Member States.

The auditors provide suggestions to the European Commission to consider further strengthening its supervisory function by:

  • applying the ‘Better Regulation’ approach in its policy on monitoring the application of the law and carrying out an account of its monitoring activities;
  • using the EU budget in a more coordinated way to help ensure that member states apply EU law;
  • encouraging the general directorates in different policy areas to share knowledge and expertise of member states;
  • promoting compliance in a more targeted way to the needs of individual member states and more consistent across different policy areas;
  • developing enforcement priorities and benchmarks on the overall framework for the overseeing management;
  • providing more aggregated information and analysis for the parties concerned.

On Monday 24th September, the ECA will organize a conference in Brussels to discuss this Panoramic analysis and application of EU law with various stakeholders.

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