Europe needs to deal with the impact of its decisions – Sant

The European Project needs to do more for the people who are dealing with the impact of it decisions, MEP Alfred Sant has said.

Dr Sant said that workers, young people and pensioners, which make up a large part of the European population, are ‘those who need social protection’ and yet ‘are shouldering these burdens’.

The MEP made these comments during an event at the Valletta Food Market entitled ‘L-Ewropa Fis-Suq mal-MPE Maltin’. The event focused on the topic of winning young people’s confidence in the European project.

He explained that a recent report published by the European Commission had found that there were levels of dissatisfaction among young Europeans over their working conditions.

A, ‘lack of security, precarious work and the exploitation of young people in the digital sector are all signs that demonstrate that much needs to be done on the regulation of  work conditions in Europe.’, he stated.

In turn, these desperate situations surrounding work and quality of life, encouraged people to protest against the European project and show solidarity with European populist movements.

Dr Sant said that the EU therefore needed to face up to this situation and create the ‘tools to address these shortfalls’.

Also present at the discussion was MEP Francis Zammit Dimech.

Taking questions from the audience, Mr Zammit Dimech said that the future of Europe has to be directly linked to the active participation of young people.

He also explained that the European Parliament had introduced a number of initiatives focused on creating more opportunities for young people.

These included the Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps and DiscoverEU programmes, which offer young Europeans the chance to study abroad, volunteer and travel.