Europe needs structured mechanism, not case by case discussion – Delia


Europe needs a structured mechanism to deal with migrant arrivals rather than relying on discussions on a case by cases basis, said PN leader Adrian Delia.

Speaking on NET TV, the PN’s station, Delia thanked EU Immigration Commissioner Ylva Johansson for accepting to meet him to discuss the ongoing migration crisis.

Delia said that the migration issue has been ongoing for a long time and that if no concrete measures were taken lives would be lost. He urged for European states to agree on a structured mechanism as it was not feasible for countries to enter discussions on a case by case basis whenever migrants were located in the sea.

According to Delia, Malta can’t accept more refugees since its open centres were full. He also said that Malta was very densely populated. He said it was now time for other countries to show tangible forms of solidarity.

Delia said that there were genuine NGOs saving lives. He then criticised human smugglers for profiteering from the crisis.

The Maltese bishops are calling on the Vatican to intervene in the ongoing migrant crisis in the Mediterranean. In a letter addressed to Cardinal Pierpaolo Parolin, the bishops referred to what they described as “dramatic events unfolding at sea”. They said that 47 people are stuck on an NGO rescue vessel in Malta’s search and rescue area waiting to be allowed to disembark.

The International Organisation for Migration, IOM, has found five lifeless bodies of migrants who were stranded at sea. On Twitter, the IOM stated that approximately 47 migrants on Wednesday got the confirmation to disembark in Tripoli. Italian news site said that the death count rose to 12.