EU retail trade up by 5.2% in June

The relaxation of Covid-19 measures across Europe saw retail trade increase by 5.2% in the EU last June, when compared to the previous month.

Eurostat figures show that the seasonally-adjusted volume of retail trade increased by 5.7% in the euro area – the same increase registered in Malta.

The highest increase in retail trade volume was registered in Ireland (+21.9%), followed by Spain (+16.5%) and Italy (13.8%). However, at the other end of the scale, decreases were registered in Austria (-2.5%) and Germany (-1.6%).

Malta registers one of largest year-on-year decreases

In spite of the pandemic, the volume of retail trade in the EU last June was higher than in June 2019, with an increase of 1.3% registered in the EU and EU area alike.

But in this case, Malta has bucked the trend with a decrease of 8.4%; only Bulgaria (-18.1%) fared worse, while Luxembourg (-7.7%) registered a similar performance.

The highest yearly increases in total retail trade volume were registered in Ireland (+10.2%), Estonia (+6.6%) and Denmark (+6.5%).