EU Minister pushes for investment in AI; better communication


European Affairs Minister Helena Dalli insists on the need to more investment in Artificial Intelligence, and to improve communication with citizens during the Council for General Affairs of the European Union.

This along with discussing the need for agreement on the Multi-Annual Financial Framework 2012-2027 in preparation for the upcoming EU budget in Brussels on Tuesday.

Speaking about Artificial Intelligence, Dr Dalli said that we need to compete with China and the United States. “The way we work today will not remain relevant for the future and this is why we need to be prepared,” said the Minister explaining that there could be repercussions in the employment sector otherwise.

The Council also discussed issues with disinformation, particularly how the EU can fight disinformation in preparation for the upcoming European Parliament elections. Communication with European citizens was also discussed, with Dr Dalli pointing out that the EU does not look good to the citizens if Member States can’t agree on issues, such as migration.