ERA authorises Mistra tree interventions

The Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) Board has approved an application for interventions on trees located in Mistra Road.

In a statement, ERA explained that it has approved an application for a Nature Permit that authorises interventions on trees at Mistra Road, St. Paul’s Bay. The interventions include the felling of four trees, 1 of which is dead, whilst the other 3 trees are posing a danger to heavy vehicles.  

It has requested the applicant to compensate for the felled trees by planting 31 trees, which shall be planted at the Pinetum in Floriana.

Further interventions include including the light pruning of 26 trees and hard pruning of another 15 trees.

Għallis and Żwejra landfills

The ERA Board, during the same sitting, discussed the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) applications for the operation of the Għallis and Żwejra landfills, limits of Naxxar.

The activities carried out on both sites are within the scope of the IPPC regulation.

WasteServ Malta Ltd has submitted an application for the Għallis non-hazardous landfill. The application covers the variation and renewal of the IPPC permit. This variation has to do with the vertical extension of currently permitted landfill void space and the shredding of mattresses prior to landfilling.

The application submitted for Ta’ Żwejra non-hazardous landfill by WasteServ Malta Ltd covers the renewal of the IPPC permit.

These IPPC permits cover a number of environmental obligations which the Permit Holder is to fulfill throughout the validity of the permit. This is to ensure the required level of environmental protection and to ensure that all operations are in line with the Waste Management Regulations.