EP secures 37.5% CO2 target for new cars led by Maltese MEP

The European Parliament has secured a provisional agreement for 37.5% cleaner new cars by 2030 in negotiations headed by Maltese MEP, Miriam Dalli. “We fought strongly to bring real health, consumer and innovation benefits to European citizens,” said the MEP.

After fierce competition throughout five trilogues and over 25 hours of negotiation, the Parliament successfully closed a number of loopholes in the proposed legislation and came to an accord. Dalli’s strongly held position secured a departure from the Commission’s proposed 30% target.

The new legislation also obliges the European Commission to keep track of fuel consumption meter data “as to prevent the CO2 gap between the real world and laboratory tests from growing.”

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In a statement by the Partit Laburista, it was said that the proposal takes into consideration the concerns of trade unions as well. To this end, the Commission was directed towards assessing “the possibility of creating a fund to address the transition required to achieve a climate neutral economy and in particular to support workers in the car manufacturing sector.”

In comments to Newsbook.com.mt and to Politico – where she was dubbed ‘The Eco-Warrior’ – Dr Dalli spoke of the fierce opposition by the automotive industry to her negotiations. In fact, this most recent statement also reiterated that the deal was made in spite of opposition from the industry and other Member States “who refused to acknowledge the opportunities that stem from more ambitious targets.”