EP building converted into shelter for vulnerable women

Helmut KOHL Building in the European Parliament in Brussels

The European Parliament is converting one of its buildings in Brussels into a temporary shelter for vulnerable women, whose situation may have been made more precarious as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Though recommendations to stay indoors as much as possible do help limit the spread of Covid-19, they appear to have brought on a grim side-effect: a surge in domestic violence.

The EP’s own measures in response to the pandemic – which include the banning of visitors and sending most staff homes – have left its buildings mostly empty, leading it to consider an alternative use for these facilities. With this in mind, the Helmut Kohl Building will start housing 100 vulnerable women as from Wednesday.

“In these difficult moments, the institutions have a duty to show solidarity and help those who face social exclusion in the cities where we work,” EP President David Maria Sassoli said as he paid a visit to the premises.

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