Enterprises generate €1.8 billion through e-commerce – NSO

Enterprises employing a minimum of 10 people generated €1.8 billion in 2018, showing a 14.3% increase over 2017. This was one of the National Statistics Office (NSO) publication’s findings regarding ICT usage and e-Commerce in Enterprises:2018.

Apart from the €1.8 billion generated, it was also said that enterprises conduction sales online have increased by 4.2%. Meanwhile, 86.9% of their total turnover coming from online sales came from the businesses’ own websites or apps.  This being said, the number of ICT specialists employed within the enterprises have remained roughly the same as the previous year.

Computer, Internet and Website usage

The NSO found that the majority of enterprises use computers and the internet, with most opting for maximum download speeds. 49,671 employees used the internet for business, while 22,601 employees used the internet via mobile work-provided mobile devices. These show increases of 0.2% and 3% respectively.

85.1%, or 1,864 enterprises with internet also had their own websites. 94.6% of these were found to use their websites to display their products, services and price lists.

Cloud Computing, Invoicing, and Big Data Analysis

830 enterprises used cloud computing services, with 669 of them using it to “enhance their own e-mail capabilities”. This being said, 2018’s most used invoicing method was on paper, with 2,077 enterprises receiving paper invoices, and 1,822 sending paper invoices themselves. Big data has meanwhile gained popularity with 554 enterprises analysing it, with more than 62% analysing big data from social media.