Enlight to launch new study-assist application

Enlight, one of the companies taking part in this year’s JAYE Malta Company Programme are launching reMINDer a new application to help young students with their studies. Kylie Decelis the company’s Managing Director told Newsbook.com.mt that the application is due to launch around mid-February 2019.

reMINDer will be a study-assist application aimed at 8-year-olds.

The application will help the young students to prepare for their benchmark exam. It will provide a one-stop shop with well-structured exercises in Maltese, English and Maths which will also incorporate fun elements such as crosswords, word search and vibrant colours.

The product idea has received positive feedback from the general public and the sixth-form students behind Enlight have also managed to pitch their product to the Ministry of Education.

Enlight is being mentored by AX Group.