Enjoy responsibly ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’

Transport Malta annual campaign launched

Cycling near cars
Don't Drink and Drive

🇲🇹 Jekk se tixrob, issuqx.Il-Festi t-Tajba!🇬🇧 Don't Drink and Drive.Happy Holidays!

Posted by Transport Malta on Wednesday, December 9, 2020

‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ reminder from Transport Malta, along with the Malta Road Safety Council to enjoy the festive season responsibly.

Transport Malta now annual campaign around Christmas time ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ has been launched.

The video clip that was produced for the campaign tells us that although during this year we had to change and adopt due to the pandemic we should always remain responsible and do not drink when we are going to drive.

Transport Malta reminded the public, that as per previous years, enforcement checks will be conducted to ensure that drivers are driving cautiously.