Engineers blow a gasket and set up new association

Lack of information on criteria relating to the engineering course at MCAST and the engineering warrant have led to the formation of an action group calling for transparency on these issues. It has also led to the formation of the Malta Association of Professional Engineers aimed at safeguarding the interests of Warranted Engineers and thereby the Engineering Profession.

The Warranted Engineers Action Group (WEAG) in a statement said that “… the Engineering Profession Board has reneged on some agreement that had been reached between Engineering Profession Board and the Chamber of Engineers.”

The agreement dealt with the criteria of a Pre-Warrant Qualification Course that would lead individuals that have completed Engineering courses at MCAST to possibly qualify for an Engineering Warrant. The precise details of the Engineering Courses and even more so of the Pre-Warrant qualification course at MCAST, have not been made public, and are therefore unknown. WEAG said that this situation has been simmering for a number of months now.

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WEAG has called for full transparency on two issues that have raised serious concerns among Warranted Engineers, namely: the issue of the Engineering Warrant to MCAST technologists, and also the revisions of the Engineering Profession Act that are currently underway.

WEAG has asked the Chamber of Engineers on 3 separate occasions to organise a National Conference of all Warranted Engineers to debate these important issues, with the aim of finding approval amongst professionals on these matters. WEAG said that “…these calls remained unheeded by the Chamber, leaving all those in the Profession basically in the dark.”