End their suffering, disembark 47 migrants now – Sea Watch

Credit: Anne Dekker/Sea-Watch

Sea Watch is calling for the immediate disembarkation of the 47 people currently stranded on the Sea Watch 3 vessel.

It has been a week since the migrants, 13 of which are minors, were rescued from the Mediterranean.

According to the NGO, the vessel had initially been given clearance to take shelter close to the Sicilian coast on Thursday.  It is understood that the vessel received an invitation to disembark in Syracuse by the Mayor, Francesco Italia and local civil society groups. However, once they were in range, the vessel was given a berth instead of a port.

The ‘refusal to enter the port was notified without justification’, the NGO explains.

They also explain that the prosecutor in Catania had demanded that the 13 minors on board be immediately disembarked. Responding with venom, Johannes Bayer, Chairman of Sea-Watch said that, ‘apparently human rights in Europe only apply to people under 18 years of age these days.’

The NGO is therefore calling for the on-going suffering of those on board to end and the disembarkation of all on board.

‘Sea-Watch asks for an end to this odyssey that the 47 people on board are suffering. People, whose physical and psychological state is at stake and who immediately need assistance. Therefore we strongly ask for the immediate disembarkation of all shipwrecked people.’

Speaking about the invitation to Syracuse, Johannes Bayer, Chairman of Sea-Watch said, ‘We are grateful to the city Syracuse and its people for this great sign of solidarity. Similarly our thanks go to Palermo, Naples, Barcelona, Berlin, and all the other cities who joined the ranks of open ports and solidarity cities. This is the Europe we want to live in, a Europe of Solidarity.’