Emotional meeting with Chilean clergy for Archbishop Scicluna

Chilean clergy and Archbishop Scicluna

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Archbishop Charles Scicluna said he had a very emotional meeting with priests and deacons as part of his mission in Chile.

According to Italian media, Mgr. Scicluna said this at a news conference, held after the meeting yesterday.

Mgr. Scicluna described the meeting as a “positive” one.

The Archbishop said that it is a duty of justice to carry out an investigation on the case of sexual abuse by priests.

In the words of the Archbishop there is a divide in all families but added that there is willingness to repair the situation in Osorno, Chile.

Explained that his mission in Osorno along with Mgr. Bertomeu will end tomorrow by a mass celebration.

Osorno was at the centre of this scandal when Pope Francis appointed Bishop Juan Barros Madrid. Many were those who criticised this decision because Barros Madrid was accused of hiding abuse carried out by priest Fernando Karadima.

According to Latercera, Mgr. Scicluna said the Church must collaborate with civil justice. He said that child abuse is not only a canonical crime but is also a civil offence.

It said after the police and Chilean prosecutors joined the dioceses offices in Santiago and Rancagua, search files, investigative reports and even documents relating to the scandal of sexual abuse put a bad light on the Church Catholic Chile.

Last Monday, the Vatican announced that the Pope accepted the resignation of Bishop Juan Barros Madrid who was accused masking cases of sexual abuse.

Archbishop Charles Scicluna and Mgr. Bertomeu met with more than 94 people as part of their mission in Chile to help in reconciling people after the scandal of sexual abuse broke out.