Emma’s Loves – of Biondo, music and her first album

18 years, blue eyes with an enchanting voice, Emma Muscat has just realesed her first original album, “Moments”. An ‘Amici di Maria de Filippi’ graduate, Emma said of her new album “They are all my special moments in life. I put all the emotions in the album”. She was speaking on Studio Aperto in an interview.

Emma has music in her blood. Her mother and grandfather are pianists. She was already playing the piano at 5, and recorded her first track at 14. “Music is everything for me. It is my life. It is the way I express myself and I cannot live without it” said Emma. Starting on Amici as a timid and insecure young lady, Emma soon blossomed both as a person as well as an artist, and her first single “I need somebody” shows that.

“Amici was an out-of-this-world experience and I will remember it forever” reminisced Emma. Rightly so as at Amici, she also found love with the rapper Biondo.  “He is a very special person for me. He means a lot to me, and makes me happy. I love him a lot” she said.

A talented young lady, with a clean and clear voice, she also duetted with Eros Ramazzotti in the recent annual Joseph Calleja concert. The audience was rapt as the young star’s rendition of ‘I belong to you’ was at the very least, comparable to Anastacia’s performance. When the duet finished, the audience spent a few seconds of stunned silence before erupting into a delirium of applause.