ELT student numbers remain consistent at 87,000 – Education Ministry

Foreign students enrolled in English language courses in Malta remains consistent over 87,000, the Ministry of Education says.

Last year’s figure of 87,112 kept the numbers of international students consistent despite being a slight decrease on 2017 figures (87,190).

According to the Ministry students from Italy, Germany and France made up almost half of the intake (48.6%) whilst the remainder are made up of several other nationals from around the globe.

Russia is ranked at 4th with a market share of 6.2% followed Poland, Austria, Brazil, Spain and Japan were all 4% or over, respectively.

Breaking down the numbers of international visitors to Malta, 3.4% were students learning English in Malta. According to 2018 figures, the majority of students coming to Malta are coming during the Winter period between January and March (18/6%). This is almost 6% greater than 2012 (12.7%)

The Ministry of Education explains that the number of international language students visiting the country helps to support tourism accommodation. Over 21% of international students are reported to stay in hotels (21.1%), over 12% of those in 3 star hotels (12.2%) and a further 8.8% in 4 star hotels.  This diversified the previous year’s share of students which were staying with host families (27.0%).

These students were also understood to be staying in the country for around 2.5 weeks on average.

Representatives of the ELT Council believe that the sector still has the potential to still grow and is having a large impact on the national economy. According to Deloitte, ELT students last year spent around €137 million.

Deloitte has there been commissioned to study the challenges facing the industry and how to prepare for its future growth.