A magisterial inquiry to find out who was Electrogas whistleblower – Azzopardi

A magisterial inquiry to determine who leaked some 60,000 emails concerning Electrogas is underway, Opposition MP Jason Azzopardi told Parliament during adjournment.

Azzopardi said that a magisterial inquiry into misuse of electronic equipment to gain access certain data, confidential documents of Electrogas which was reported on 28 April 2018. Such a magisterial inquiry will serve to establish the whistleblower.

More than 60,000 emails were leaked to Caruana Galizia in March 2017. Azzopardi explained when these emails are examined one will find that those who had to gain financially from the Electrogas contract, could have had a motive to silence the journalist. “This was her biggest story,” Azzopardi said.

The state of impunity

The Opposition MP asked whether the public was aware of the ongoing investigations to establish who was the whistleblower. He added that ‘this is the government which has repeatedly gone on record saying that it champions whistleblowers’ is trying to establish who revealed alleged ongoing corruption.

On 28 April 2018, Electrogas wrote to the police asking them to open an investigation which is still ongoing, into alleged misuse of electronic equipment to gain access to data and confidential documents. The magisterial inquiry is still underway.

“In Malta the police does not take action against the corrupt but against those who reveal corruption,” Azzopardi told the House of Representatives on Tuesday evening during adjournment.

Speaking on the eve of the second year anniversary since Caruana Galizia was killed, Azzopardi offered his condolences to the country.

“Daphne was killed, however, no one had foreseen that others would come forward to fill in the void that she left,” Azzopardi said.